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How To Be A Sexy '70s Businessman

I'm Ron Burgundy?

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Have impeccable taste in men's attire.

Three-piece suits especially have been known to attract women. And successful businessmen attract women.

Be sure your taste is impeccable not just in the office, but outside of it as well. Remember, you're still a businessman when you're not at work.

Central Press/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Drink manly drinks. Preferably in close proximity to leather-bound books.

Wear a seductive scent. Bathe yourself in it.

Because this will also attract women.

Impress others with your briefcase phone. But do not let them make calls on it.


Drive the right car. The right car is a big car. Just like the size of your personality.

Use the right grooming products for your foxy mane.

Two out of three successful businessmen have facial hair.

In fact, a moustache is essential. Grow a moustache already. Be a man.

William H. Alden / Getty Images

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Evening Standard / Getty Images


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