16 Hacks For Epically Bad Hair Days

    Bad hair day becomes badass hair day.

    1. This teased bun is great if your hair is already a frizzy mess. Tease it out a bit more, swirl it around, and you've got a messy chignon.

    2. If your hair is oily, try making tight braids, and finish with a glossing spray to make your braids seem like you meant for them to be kind of shiny.

    3. Or, embrace your bad hair day by transforming your mane into beach hair and incorporating braids. Now you're bohemian.

    4. If you are trying to get your hair to do something, and it just won't, Hairagami is a wonderful and easy tool to help you get a classy bun.

    5. Ladies with natural hair will love a faux marley bun. Slick your hair into a ponytail and then the attachment does all the work for you. Like so:

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    6. When humidity strikes, just the slightest coating of castor oil on your hair can work wonders.

    7. Attack your bad hair day with this super simple maneuver: simply changing your part. If you normally part your hair on one side, you may find the other has more volume, or a better shape to work with.

    8. Here's a messy up-do that's made for bad hair days.

    Learn how at Treasures and Travels.

    9. Follow these tips if it's humid out and you're just done with getting the worst blow dry ever:

    10. If the humidity is wreaking havoc on your natural hair, check out this simple side bun style.

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    11. Of course, if you're having a really bad hair day, you could cover it all up with a turban.

    12. Obviously, dry shampoo is a bad hair day's best friend. But if you don't have any, you can whip up this home recipe:

    13. Speaking of DIYs, here's a great guide for a number of bad hair day culprits:

    14. If you're suffering from super oily hair, but don't have time to wash it, you could try embracing it with a wet look.

    15. If your hair is limp and gross, try revitalizing with DIY hair rollers. Apply heat with a blow dryer and let set, or spritz with dry shampoo.

    16. Try seeing what happens when you tease your roots (ever so slightly). It might end up making a big difference.