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    Sep 26, 2015

    16 GIFs That Will Ruin Your Childhood

    This'll slap you in the childhood HARD.

    1. Oh god no it's the kid from Hook eating a damn cat.

    TriStar /

    2. This is kind of mind-blowing when you think about it:

    3. If you ever needed proof that humans are a cruel species, here it is:

    4. Bet you never thought about what happens when there's a car accident on The Jetstons?


    Disney Channel /

    6. And then you remember, Winnie the Pooh is just a sack of cotton:

    Disney /

    7. Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, but did embrace his...manhood:

    Disney /

    8. Literally, why would anyone in their right mind do this to Michelle Tanner? WHY I ASK YOU.

    ABC /

    9. Arthur, the 420-friendly version:

    PBS /

    10. "I want to see what the people see" now sounds unbearably creepy...

    11. Science...rules?

    PBS Kids /

    12. I literally have no clue what is going on here but I can tell you that the ballad of Jack and Rose will never be the same.

    13. The hills are alive...with the sound of ammunition:

    20th Century Fox /

    14. Poop noodles?! No! C'mon!

    Disney /

    15. Now Arthur just seems like a big old douche:

    16. Aaaaannnnd now that someone's actually pointed out that there is a grown human man inside Big Bird...your childhood memories are forever altered: