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27 Forgotten Early 2000s Fashion Trends

For the love of god, please stop using your dad's necktie as a belt.

1. Peasant tops. For further information, see: The O.C.

2. Shiny pants. Or worse, shiny cargo pants.

3. Neckties as belts. Noooooo!

4. J. Lo's Manolo Timberland-esque boots.

5. Avril Lavigne everything.

6. Fancy camo.

7. Beaded wire chokers, headbands, and bracelets.

8. Cut up "biker" girl tops.

9. Cowgirl shirts.

10. Fishnets. Which were a bit too sexy for your mom's taste.

11. "Free" whomever tees.

12. Vertical-stripe flare pants. There was a corduroy version that was pretty popular.

13. Layering your tank tops.

14. Cuffed-up jeans with heels. Are those Juicy jeans? Sweet.

15. Chunky highlights aka zebra head.

16. Revival disco halter tops. (Remember that surge of gold chainmail mesh jewelry and clothing?)

17. These sweaters....stripey, ribbed turtlenecky things.

18. Folded off-the-shoulder tops. Usually striped. Usually a bit too long in the arms.

19. Corset tops. Owww.

20. Halter tops with either skinny satin cord ties or metal rings around the neck.

21. Borderline slutty bohemian.

22. Asymmetrical jersey skirts. Styles pretty much exactly like this were everywhere in 2003.

23. CoooOOOoooOOoowl-neck tops.

24. "Rehabbed" sport shirts (jersey/number tops plagued with rhinestones, eyelet holes, and cuts).

25. Flowy, hippie-inspired dresses over jeans. Bonus points for flare jeans.

26. Bohemian maxi skirts. What was with all the embroidery and drawstrings?

27. Shrugs. Oh my god. I don't think I've used the word "shrug" to describe a sweater since 2005.