Dating Was A Nightmare Before Computers

You couldn’t even Mapquest directions to the closest singles bar.

1. So, you think online dating is the worst. Sure, technology has made dating complicated, but consider how it used to be…

2. If you wanted to meet someone, your best bet was heading to what was most commonly referred to as a “singles bar.”

Does anyone call a bar a “singles bar” anymore?

3. Or you could put a personal ad out in the paper. Good luck with that.

4. Or if you got really desperate, you could try out some lame-sounding thing called Singleworld.

5. Of course, in the ’80s and ’90s, technology did begin to play a part. Video dating is the closest thing you had to online dating…and you could meet really cool guys like this dude.

You should really watch this entire video compilation . You will thank your lucky stars these men are no longer on the market.

6. Or this dude.

7. Say you meet someone you like, you have to make sure to get their phone number.

8. And keep it somewhere safe.

9. Otherwise, your only hope of contacting them again would be to scour the phone book.

And if their name was something stupid like Jane Smith, then you’d have to call like seven people before you go the right one.

10. Then you’d actually have to talk on the phone with another person. But make sure you time it perfectly.

And you’d also have to try to not sound awkward on the phone. And have genuine reactions to things. UGH.

11. So you set up a time and place for a date. And you just have to hope they show up.

12. If they were running late, the only thing you could do would be to find a pay phone and try to call them.

13. But then you risk returning to your spot and wondering if they showed up while you were calling them to see why they had not shown up. JESUS CHRIST.

14. But finally they do show up. And you sit down to talk. And you realize you know NOTHING about this person. (No info from Google, Facebook, or online profile.)

This person could be anyone. They could be a republican.

15. But if you do like them, you’d end up waiting by the phone. Because if you miss their call, who knows how long you’d go on missing each other.

16. And if they don’t call, you can’t stalk their Tweets or lust after their picture. All you could do was physically stalk them.

Which meant you were the world’s biggest creep.

17. In conclusion…maybe OkCupid isn’t so bad?

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