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    The 27 Coolest '90s Kids To Ever Bless This Planet

    Zubaz and bowl cuts and Muppets, oh my.

    These two gents, who inspire you to live as loudly as their sweatshirts.

    This sister duo. And one of them who clearly thinks she wore it best.

    This kid, poised to take the Fresh Prince's throne.

    This dance squad, ready to make some hot moves to Crystal Waters.

    Blossom's biggest fans.

    This little one, winning love by daylight.

    These two fashionistos, showing the world how Zubaz are really done.

    This kid, who rocks that Jeep Power Wheel like a designer accessory.

    This little woman in a Wayne's World cap and a Guns N' Roses shirt, who must be running the world now.

    These two siblings, one of whom is hogging the Ernie and doesn't give AF.

    This dude, totally ready for school.

    This lovely lady in the bossest Casper outfit I ever did saw.

    This tween, whose shirt, Leonardo mag clippings, and Beanie Baby collection make her the coolest girl in 7th grade.

    These siblings, whose parents must be evil geniuses because to have this photo now is pure gold.

    This kid. Because: Bowl cut + gold chain + overalls = two enthusiastic thumbs up.

    This girl, who is ready to blow the competition out of the water at daycare.

    And these three kids, who clearly know the sartorial importance of the windbreaker. Viva los '90s!