Confirmed: William Shatner Is A Ninja

In 1981, he appeared on Circus of the Stars and Bruce Lee-d the crap out of everything.

From 1977-1994, CBS aired a special called Circus of the Stars, in which celebrities would come on perform ridiculous/amazing feats. The Shat appeared on the show in 1981…

2. First he breaks through two wood boards like NBD.

3. How about three boards? Shat’s all, Yawwwnnn.

4. WHAT THE F*#$#*^#*@?!?!?!

Five boards. On fire. Respect, Captain. Respect.

5. Using a razor-sharp Samurai sword to chop through two cucumbers without slicing off that other dude’s hands…


6. A watermelon on the guy’s stomach. OMG, you rule so hard.

7. In 1984, he came back on, this time demonstrating some way less interesting horse tricks.

Like making a horse walk backwards.

8. Except it was kind of hilarious when he brought out his wife at the time, Marcy, to “play the part of the calf trying to get back to the herd” while Shatner’s horse expertly prevents her from doing so.

This is perhaps an indication of why this relationship did not last.

9. But for all that other insane ninja stuff? You are glorious and wise, Sensei.

10. Watch the full 1981 and 1984 segments here:

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