26 Of Your Childhood Disney Products That Are Now Worth Bank

At least on eBay and Etsy, they are. And since when does a VHS tape cost $500?!

1. Kissing Simba and Nala, $99.99

Remember these? They had little magnets in their noses so if you placed them close enough, they’d be drawn into a kiss.

2. Beauty and the Beast Tea Set, $140

Be your guest? Not at these prices.

3. 101 Dalmatians Giga Pet, $59.90

But what happens when your Giga Pet dies?

4. Disney Store Aladdin Plush Genie, $1,000

Prince Ali of Ababwa could maybe afford this.

6. Cinderella Twin Flat Sheet, $115

This listing is for one sheet. ONE.

7. The Rescuers Down Under Tiger Electronic Game, $49.99

Batteries not included. So tack that onto the price.

8. The Lion King Backpack, $59.95

Once you outgrew this as a kid, you’d wear it to all the raves.

9. Sun Colors Pocahontas Doll and Gift Set, $300

You could get, like, two American Girl dolls for this price.

10. Mickey’s Treasure Ship Play-Doh Set, $131.99

Amazing how the value of plastic parts appreciates over time, huh?

11. Adult Nala Plush Toy, $149.99

This is getting wildly out of wing.

12. Tyco Ariel Doll, $74.99

This isn’t even a Barbie! It’s a TYCO doll. TYCO.

13. Beauty and the Beast Belle Watch, $210

Every time you look at this watch, you’ll be asking yourself, Is it time to pay my credit card bill? ‘Cause that’s not happening.

15. Cartoon Classics VCR Board Game, $85

Yes, you can buy this vintage game for $85. But good luck finding a working VCR to work it.

16. The Little Mermaid Storybook and Music Box, $500.90

Oooh, King Triton gonna be mad when he finds out where all your money went.

18. The Lion King Hop-A-Croc Swamp Game, $137.22

What do you bet this is the boringest game in the world?

19. Pocahontas Jewelry Box, $42.08

You could get a bottle of Patron. Or you could get this used Pocahontas jewelry box. The choice is yours.

20. The Little Mermaid Water Sprinkler, $100

Down where it’s wetter, it’s also $$$.

23. Sega Genesis Aladdin Game, $255.19

It IS a whole new world: one in which you’ve realized your dusty video games are worth bank.

24. River Rowing Pocahontas and Meeko, $190

If you wanna paint with all the colors of the wind, you’ll need bring your budget for next month’s groceries.

25. Darkwing Duck Thunderquack Jet, $275

For the same amount, you could get a one-way plane ticket. On a real plane.

26. My Size Talking Ariel Doll, $1,700

You’re now wishing you could be part of this world, right?

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