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    12 Burning Questions "Titanic" Never Answered

    How on earth did Rose get by after this whole mess?

    1. What did Rose do after the Titanic survivors docked in New York?

    She abandons her mother, takes a new last name of Dawson, and has no money, nor has she ever had to survive on her own. What's this like?

    2. Did Cal collect insurance on the necklace?

    There's no way that thing wasn't insured!

    3. Although Rose's mother Ruth survives the sinking, how does she get by afterward?

    Rose's marriage to Cal was arranged by Ruth to fix their family's dire financial situation. Without Rose and without the marriage, how did this change Ruth's fate?

    4. If Rose never told her children about the Titanic, did she make up a backstory that left out her entire old life?

    5. In Cameron's world of Titanic, are there any repercussions of Rose's art collection going down with the ship? Do people know about the lost Picassos and Monets?

    6. What does Brock do after this whole thing? He's obviously changed profoundly.

    Remember this quote that Brock says near the end of the movie? "Three years, I've thought of nothing except Titanic; but I never got it... I never let it in."

    7. What did Rose end up doing for a living?

    From her photos, we see she's had plenty of experiences, but did she ever discover a life calling?

    8. Do Brock and Suzy (Rose's granddaughter) get together?

    There's obviously something going on between them, right?

    9. Who did Rose end up marrying? (His last name was Calvert.) Who was he? How did they meet?

    10. What was Jack's life like before Titanic? How old was he when he left home? Where were all the places he visited?

    11. Did anyone ever find the Heart of the Ocean after Old Rose threw it back into the sea?

    12. What happens after Rose and Jack are reunited?

    At the end of Titanic, it's implied that present-day Rose dies and joins Jack back aboard the Titanic, finally back together again. If that's heaven, then do they stay on the ship forever? Does the ship dock and they get to live out ghost lives? Has Jack been hanging out in Titanic-Heaven for all these years? Ahhh!

    Dear Mr. Cameron (in case you're listening),

    Here is my pitch for Titanic 2. Jack observes Rose from Heaven in the months after the sinking, but she is losing her way and is grieving Jack's death in an unhealthy way. So Jack makes a deal with God to return to to the human world — however, he must go back in time, to Titanic, and must try to survive the sinking. Should he prevail, he and Rose will be allowed to live their lives together. And prevail he does.

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