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    10 Bizarre Bath And Beauty Products Based On TV Shows

    You're not truly clean until after you've washed with Zack-berry shampoo.

    1. There was apparently a Saved by the Bell-themed bath kit and the scent was "Zack-berry." The fact that someone has held onto this is just...why?

    Bids start at $24.99!

    2. Friends cologne will be there for you...when you stink.

    BTW, this may be some weird foreign knock-off? Maybe. Maybe.

    3. Presumably, Melrose Place's cologne smelled of L.A. smog and drama.

    You can buy it now on eBay for $9.99.

    4. It's perhaps no surprise that this '80s soap had a women's perfume.

    5. There was a Sailor Moon nail care set? <3

    6. Ick, nasty: Nickelodeon's Green Slime shampoo.

    7. If you wear this Baywatch perfume, you have to spritz it on yourself in slow motion.

    The starting bid is only $1.99. Get in on this action now.

    8. A Care Bears bath set for '80s girls.

    eBay description: "Used." Currently going for $8.

    9. A Ghostbusters bubble bath kind of makes sense? I guess if you want boys to willingly take a bath?

    10. And of course, for the discerning '90s teen, Beverly Hills 90210 perfume.

    Smelling this good will cost you $24.99.

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