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    The 19 Best Lines From The "Jem" Halloween Episode

    In "Trick or Techrat," the Misfits are out to destroy Jem's Halloween concert...but are they behind all the spooky stuff happening?

    1. The old opera house is about to be shut down by the city. Luckily, Jem is an architecture enthusiast!

    2. Obviously, Rio is on the board of the Historical Preservation League.

    3. And obviously Rio knows how to judge whether a building is structurally sound or not.

    4. !!!!

    5. Oh, it's just a guy dressed like Dracula who owns the opera house. With an amazing name.

    6. Jem's benefit concert to save the opera house is a noble plan. A noble plan, indeed.

    7. The Misfits need to see Terrance Landau in order to pull off their rival Halloween show.

    8. This is Terrence Landau, an evil real estate man.

    His skyline.

    9. Halloween temper tantrum FTW.

    10. Bleep-blorp! (This means trouble is coming.)

    11. More trouble! The building inspector stops by the opera house as the gang is preparing for the concert.

    12. Trick-or-tr — damn! You got me.

    13. Spooky things start happening during rehearsals. Definitely not the work of a human, Rio deduces, thanks to his PhD in Criminology.

    14. I know. Good thing, right?

    15. Oh, well that explains it.

    16. ...Or it's just the evil tech weirdos in the basement.

    17. Turns out, Eric Raymond was posing as the opera house-owning Dracula guy! And all in the name of new condos.

    18. Of course, all is right in the end.

    19. But the best line, obviously — Halloween episode or not — is this:

    All images Hasbro/Sunbow Productions/Netflix.

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