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    At 18, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Basically Woody Allen

    His 1999 appearance on the Daily Show confirms it. Especially the part where the interview turns into a psychoanalysis session.

    Here is JGL promoting 10 Things I Hate About You. As you will see, he is basically a bumbling, awkward, anxious old Jewish man.

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    But dear lord, I love this man. No matter what his physical or mental age might be.

    He's got the humor down.

    He's got the schtick with the shoes.

    And when Stewart is weirded out when JGL begins to remove his shoes, Joey's all:

    On his old 3rd Rock From the Sun cast members:

    Jon is now convinced that JGL is "the oldest 18-year-old" he's ever met. And, so naturally, Joseph is ready to talk about what this all means:

    Where it always ends.

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