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Artistic Magic Happens When This 5-Year-Old Illustrates '80s Songs

Here are the hilarious and poignant drawings of a boy who loves '80s music. He might be a genius.

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Drawn to the '80s is an adorable blog featuring the artwork of 5-year-old Sam. Sam likes to listen to classic '80s tunes with his mom Lori and then draw his interpretations of these songs.

This is Sam's very first '80s song drawing. His mom was playing the Thompson Twins' "Hold Me Now" in the car on the way to school, and Sam came home with this.

Despite having a natural talent for art, Lori (Sam's mom), tells BuzzFeed that Sam has other interests: "[He] wants to be a chef when he grows up - he won a cooking contest last summer and won a years worth of free milkshakes, so besides this whole website thing blowing up he's already a winner."

One of Sam's all-time favorite songs is "Whip It" by Devo: "We have dance parties at night and he would always freak out when "Whip It" came on so we gave him the CD for his birthday and it was one of his favorite gifts. He loves all of Devo's music and his favorite singer is Mark [Mothersbaugh]."

"As far as non-'80s music goes," Lori says, "he and I do a mean duet of 'Royals' in the car."


To see more of Sam's drawings, check out

h/t to Jezebel.