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11 Absolutely Perfect "Clueless" Nail Art Designs

Eeee! Project!

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1. Cher would be fully impressed by your mani makeover.

2. And she'd totally appreciate the artful clashing of prints in this motif.

3. How about emulating Cher's iconic yellow plaid?

4. Or doing a tartan inspired by Dionne's red/black school outfit?

5. Any Bronson Alcott lady would certainly think you a Betty in this manicure.

6. And Tai would be thoroughly into that Diet Coke icon.

7. Here's an edgier way to channel Miss Horowitz.

8. Recognize what that pinky nail is? It's Cher's gym top!

9. For something a little more whimsical, pump up the colors. Cher would give you snaps for your courageous fashion efforts.

10. This plaid should remind you of the outfit Tai wears when she comes over to Cher's house after Cher's failed driving test.

11. And in this perfect plaid, thy eternal summer shall never fade.