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    A Brief History Of Jordy, France's Greatest Baby Rapper Who Ever Lived

    This Gallic tyke was known for his 1992 hit single, "Dur, dur d'être bébé," or "It's tough to be a baby." (Ain't that the truth.) So, what's Jordy up to now?

    1992: A star is born.

    Now, let us listen to Jordy's potent (yet catchy!) spoken-word masterpiece....

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    This pearl makes Jordy the youngest singer to have a No. 1 single. A 5-year-old devout fan tells French newspaper Le Monde of Jordy's impact as a voice of his generation, saying, "Monsieur Jordy maa naalla gggrrrd ppeh peh non non aieee!" Translation in English: "Jordy goo goo ga ga aieee!"

    Jordy's stage parents and costars of his video:

    Romance knows no age.

    1993: "Alison," Jordy's next hit

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    A veritable toddler-ized version of Justin Bieber, in "Alison," Jordy sings of his lady friend, Alison, who is better than Caroline and Charlotte but kind of equal to Marilyne. Alison is "beautiful and tan."

    1993-1996: "La ferme de Jordy"

    2005: Reality star or star of reality?

    2006: Jordy pens a tell-all autobiography.

    2006–present: J's comeback and Jordy and the Dixies

    Jordy and the Dixies, "L'Heroine"

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