43 Vintage Apple Products People Are Going Nuts For

There is some totally weird and random stuff in here. Turns out, people will shell out for ’80s/’90s corporate Apple memorabilia.

1. Unused Vintage ’80s Apple Computer Pencil, $9.99

The most expensive pencil you’ll ever lose.

2. Vintage Rainbow Logo Visor, $34.99

3. “Apple Expo 81” Tote, $34.99

4. ’90s Apple Computer Logo 3-Color Triangle Neon Marker, $39.99

Seller does “not guarantee the ink life due to age.”

5. Early ’90s Faux Leather Portfolio From Apple Executive Briefing Center, $49.95

6. Vintage ’80s Apple Computer Coffee Mug, $59.99

7. 1980s Vintage Apple Computer Tie Tack Pin, $59.99

8. Vintage Apple Computer Etched Wine Glass, $66

9. Early ’90s Vintage Apple Computer Light Jacket, $69.99

10. ’80s Toy Baby Buggy With Apple Logo, $95.00

Whatthehuh? Seller says: “I’m not really sure what I have here as a quick google turned up nothing similar. By the looks of the logo and construction/ materials of the carriage my guess would be 1980’s - but I need to emphasize that an uneducated guess. Could it have been some sort of store display or something used to hold give-aways at exhibits? I leave it up to the market to decide.”

So that, or some very enthusiastic Apple fan parents?

11. 1999 iMac T-Shirt, $99.99

12. Authentic ’80s Apple Logo Rainbow Earrings, $109.99

Yes. Want.

13. Vintage 1980s Macintosh Dealer Hat, $109.99

FYI if you buy this treasure, you also get a free macadamia nut chocolate sampler and a “mint & new Starbucks Hawaii no-load ($0) card.” No clue what the latter is.

14. Early ’80s Apple Computer Pittsburgh Pirates Scarf, $129.99

From seller: “Apple used to be a Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Sponsor back in the 1980’s…the “Apple” text is in the old “Motter Tektura” font. In 1984 (with the release of the original Macintosh), Apple stopped using this font & switched over to the “Apple Garmond” font.”

15. 1980s Apple Computer Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, $129.99

16. Erickson Development Team Apple Shirt, $129.99

17. Corporate Necktie, $144.95

18. Vintage ’80s Apple Computer “Most Personal Computer” License Plate, $149.99

19. 1990s Engineering Department Internal Apple Employee Pin, $149.99

20. ’80s Apple T-Shirt, $150

21. Vintage 1980 APPLE III License Plate, $159.99

22. 1983 Apple Employee “Apple Service” Stick Pin, $159.99

23. Vintage 1985 Apple Computer Logo Superbowl XIX Seat Cushion, $159.99

Apple was apparently a big sponsor of the Superbowl this year and provided foam cushions in the stadium.

24. Vintage Men’s Rainbow Apple Logo Shirt, $185

25. 1992 “MacUser” Watch, $219.99

The mouse rotates! Cute!

26. 1990s Vintage Apple Computer Playing Cards, $219.99

From seller: “The backs of the cards feature the old rainbow colored Apple Logo. Instead of the typical suits, these feature Macintosh OS Icons including: Trash Can, Face, Bomb, & Alarm Clock. The joker is a Smiling Macintosh Computer.”

27. Obsolete Apple Credit Card, $250.00

Sold. From seller: “This is a pretty rare one. The condition and rarity equal the value.
Of the four types of cards that Apple made, you will never find this one, let alone in this condition! This are no-longer good for trade. Yes, people do collect credit cards now! Some are extremely rare, especially the early Diners Club cards.”

28. 1990s Stainless Steel European Apple Rainbow Logo Wrist Watch, $299.99

29. 1997 Apple Watch With Rotating Icons, $399.99

30. 1983 Vintage Apple Computer “Lisa” Pin, $399.99

From seller: “These were made as promo items for the original Apple Lisa. This particular pin is a super rare variant of the Lisa pin. The “Lisa” script slants downward, instead of the normal script which slants up…The other variations were never put into production & only a few of the test samples exist.”

31. ’80s Apple Employee Denim Jacket With Logo, $399.99

32. 1997 Black Denim “Think Different” Apple Jacket, $399.99

33. Vintage Apple Computer Logo Mac OS X Hockey Jersey, $399.99

From seller: Produced by CCM for Apple Computer in 2001 for the Mac OS X release. Given to authorized dealers to wear in-store.”

34. ’80s Apple Rainbow Computer T-Shirt, $400

35. Super Rare ’80s Shirt, $405

36. 1980s Obsolete Apple Computer Security Pin, $499.99

This is actually more of a badge. From seller: “This was a prototype pin design Apple had made up for their security at Apple HQ back in the 1980’s.”

37. Vintage ’80s Velour Jacket, $599.99

38. 1978 Apple Computer Early Rainbow Logo Umbrella, $599.99

39. Rare Vintage Apple “Think Different” Watch, $999.95

OMG, this runs backwards. Genius.

40. Rare Vintage Apple Computer 5-Year Service Pin, $1,049.99

This fancy-shmancy pin from 1984 is made from 18-karat gold and diamonds. Daaayyyuuum.

41. Rare ’80s 18k Apple Computer “Golden Apple Club” Pin, $1,049.99

42. 1985 Apple Superbowl XIX Flag, Flown Over The Apple Booth, $1,099.99

43. Apple Adidas Sneakers, $Priceless

Super rare and super awesome if you can find them!

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