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20 Redonk Ways People Worked Out In The Olden Days

You know, back before color was around.

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Technology might change, but our goals are still the same: can we find the secret to eternal youth? Fitness and diet trends are always cyclical, so if you're looking for the next big thing in fitness, might as well check out the past for inspiration.

3. This dude uses a "muscle developer" machine in 1932. This looks potentially fun, potentially like an evil government plot to get kids fit on playground equipment.

5. Here, a pack of shirtless bros launch sticks into the air. Presumably because some guy was like, "I bet I can throw a stick farther than you," and then it turned into a thing.

7. Boys perform schoolyard exercises in 1925. Off-camera, the girls are peeing themselves and basking in the boys' humiliation. It is a moment of glory.

11. DdduuUUUUUUuuuudde. In 1945, a strongman proves his strength by having men pound hammers on the stone block on his chest. Hammers. Stone. Chest.

17. 1852: "A man exercising using two long weights across his back and chest." Otherwise known as extra large back massagers purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

So that was sweatin' to the oldies. Granted...lot of good that did them as they still got old.

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