Lessons Learned From A 1950s PSA On Homosexuals

    Find out what happens when young Jimmy Barnes thumbs a ride.

    "Boys Beware," the cautionary tale of strangers who give "friendly pats."

    1. Do not hitchhike and get into cars with jovial men. They will make you do gay things.

    2. Like miniature golf.

    3. This is what a homosexual looks like. He is a pudgy-faced man with facial hair. He is...

    4. Orson Welles.

    5. Or they are men in tuxedos. He could be your local maître d'. He could be a cater waiter. Or worse...he could be a violinist in the Philharmonic. But he is probably a tuxedo model.

    6. "One never knows when the homosexual is about."

    7. They may follow you out of restrooms.

    8. "After all, it's more fun to stay with your friends anyway. Bobby had made a wise decision. It may have saved his life."

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