1920s Spirit Photography Is Still Mega Creepy

    Ghosts are real. Real photogenic.

    The following photographs were taken in the 1920s by a man named William Hope, who made a name for himself as a professional medium in London around this same time. Of course, looking at these now, we're well aware that Hope used glass plates and double exposures to fake these ghostly images, but back then, Hope was able to successfully fool his clients. Which is actually really sad, considering that a portion of his business came from family members mourning the deaths of their relatives lost to WWI.

    These two brothers claimed that their grandmother appeared in this photo, making this the only photograph of her. But clearly Hope had to have had one, or had used an image of another woman.

    After supposedly hearing the voice of his stillborn child at a seance, this clergyman sat for a photograph, which developed to reveal the man's father. It's assumed that Hope asked the man to bring an image of his father to help contact the spirit world.

    This superimposed lady looks like a ghost bride!

    A double exposure? Or a hand reaching through a chink in the spirit world?

    A very unhappy ghost indeed.

    The notes accompanying this photo indicate that this family of Roman Catholics believed in life after death.

    Ahhhh! Crazy headless old woman above drunk grandpa's head!

    And then someone's dead son just shows up in the passenger seat of the car.

    The "ghost" who appeared in this picture is the woman's sister. Seriously, this is pretty messed up.

    The man in this photo identified the blurry image of the woman at left as "an ex-work colleague." Alrighty.

    This guy apparently didn't recognize the face that emerged. Probably went home, posted an unhappy Yelp review.