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19 Things "Dawson's Creek" Taught You About Being A Woman

Because, at some point or another, everyone's had to deal with their own Pacey vs. Dawson dilemma.

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1. Sisters are amazing.


2. Guys get away with so much more than girls and it's so unfair.

3. Some guys actually find this sexy.

4. This tends to be true. (At least initially.)

And the reverse is sometimes true for girls as well.

5. As cliched as it may be, when you're down, it's definitely the right thing to put green goo on your face and talk about the male species among non-males.


6. If someone ever says this to's not gonna work out.

7. Only make a move if you're really sure...because nothing is worse than getting turned down.

8. Don't be this girl.

9. Hold out.

10. Preach this.

11. And practice it.

12. A coat of lipstick can sometimes — but not always — make things better.

13. Listen to Grams.

14. Your mother is a woman, too.

15. Who you become friends with may surprise you...even the girl you first hate.

16. Don't expect to have grown-up conversations with your guy friends about sex.

17. At least put things into terms they can understand.

(Actually, I'm still not sure I understand this.)

(Actually, I'm still not sure I understand this.)

18. It's really hard for guys and girls to be friends.

(But it's worth it to make it work.)

19. And above all, choose Pacey for crying out loud.

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