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19 Dreamy Photos Of Forgotten Style Icon Tuesday Weld

The most gorgeous woman of the '60s who starred alongside Steve McQueen, Elvis, and Gregory Peck.

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1. Have you ever heard of Tuesday Weld? She was one of the most gorgeous actresses of the '60s.

2. She was in that 1960 classic, "Sex Kittens Go To College." No? Never saw it?

3. What about "The Cincinnati Kid"? She was in that with Steve McQueen in 1965.

4. She starred alongside Elvis in "Wild in the Country" (1961).

5. Well, anyhow. She was a knockout.

6. I mean. Seriously. Look at that punim.

7. Dennis Hopper once took some breathtaking photos of her driving a convertible.

8. And she had a thing for wearing hair clips like this.

9. Which makes no sense, but gosh she's so pretty.

10. And sexy...

11. all sorts of different ways.

12. Even with the tags still on.

13. Even in a really stupid hat.

14. But she also had this innocent, virginal side. Matthew Sweet's third album features this image of her. Mind blown?

15. And she wasn't afraid to wear pants with weird...what do you even call that...fringe?

16. But most remember her for her beauty, which was the perfect combo of classic and glamorous. Call it glassic.

17. I mean. Come on.

18. Omigosh you're so pretty stop. Just stop.

19. Want. To. Be. You.

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