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18 Ways Alice Is Every Twentysomething Woman's Spirit Animal

Especially if you're single. Welcome to my life.

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1. You date the wrong types of guys.

2. When a creep comes on to you, you don't even think twice about playing the I-Have-A-Boyfriend card.

3. You eat your feelings and then guilt yourself.

4. You feel your youth slipping away. You hold onto it for dear life.

5. You make this face at least 12 times a day. Especially when your boss is around.

6. This is you every time someone says you'll find a guy when you least expect it. You've been "least expecting" for a while now.

7. Except when you find yourself in a relationship, you question whether you want one at all.

8. In the right dress, you are Sasha Fierce.

9. You constantly feel people are giving you looks. Especially when you decide you suddenly hate your outfit.

10. You're beginning to appreciate the oddities of adult life; you take bizarre satisfaction in things like coupons and grocery specials.

11. Talking on the phone is always so awkward.

12. You think a lot about how your sex life could be better.

13. If you live alone, you've had scary moments that have caused you to do some slightly insane things.

14. This is what you think a lot of the time. What you do is another matter.

15. You're scared. Of all the things.

16. This is basically how you feel most days.

17. But for all the bad days, you have your moments.

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