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    17 Reasons Why The Fall '96 Delia's Catalog Was Everything To You

    Chunky Mary Janes FTW.

    1. Because OMG you can wear a dress as a shirt?! Why had you never thought of this before.

    2. Because this Bulldog hoodie would begin your obsession with hoods.

    3. Because messenger bags were a revelation. One-strappin ohhh yeeeAAHHhhh.

    4. Because you were so excited to be the first girl in 8th grade to get a pair of chunky-heeled saddle shoes.

    5. Because "hip huggers" were these awesome new types of pants.

    6. And also baggie Dickies and Bulldog pants were about to become your new uniform.

    7. Because nylon shirts were da bomb.

    8. Because the search was over for the perfect Fall Formal dress. Helloooo sassy green dress made of shiny material.

    9. Because you could now afford to increase your nail polish collection so you could paint each nail a different color.

    10. Because you were oddly obsessed with owning millions of pairs of pajama pants and maybe, just maybe, you could get away with wearing these plaid ones to school.

    11. Because casual ravewear.

    12. Because you were just getting into baggy clothing. And Sporty Spice was into camo so now you were, too.

    13. Because you always needed new hairclips to pin back that middle part.

    14. Because you were always adding to your ball chain necklace collection.

    15. Because you were pretty sure Joey Potter had this same shirt and OMG how cool is it that she totally shops at Delia's?

    16. Because if you really loved Roxy, you could not only wear it, but tote it around as school supplies.

    17. And because you'd just read in Seventeen that horizontal stripes will make your boobs look bigger. Yesssss. How are you always the best, Delia's?

    Check out the rest of this awesome issue here.