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    17 Indispensable Dance Tips From "The Grind"

    A collage of neon bikinis and crotch shots, MTV's '90s dance show was a thing of glory.

    1. So you got on The Grind, OMG you're gonna be so famous. The first thing to remember is to be free and let the music take over. Get your hair alllll up in your face.

    2. Find others to dance up on you. This makes you look hot and popular.

    3. Definitely coordinate your outfits and moves.

    4. Give your dance partner the slap. (It's not a real slap! Haha!)

    5. Or, get experimental with your moves. Like this guy, who is playing a game of solo Twister.

    6. Or try out something crazy like this.

    7. Because who cares? It's The Grind! You can dance however you like on The Grind. Like this weirdo.

    8. Also, invite that guy from your gym. You know, the one who is always there.

    9. If you run out of ideas, work with your surroundings. This guy. With the beach ball. Get it.

    10. If you don't have anyone to dance with, dance with the wall. Like this lady.

    11. Of course, you should be grinding. Get ground by two dudes.

    12. Grind your man. Grind him so good.

    13. Grind so hard. Please, just look like you are doing it through dance.

    14. It's all about attitude. Work it.

    15. Woooorrrrrk!

    16. Work it exactly like this woman. Hayyyy.

    17. But whatever you do, do not be this creep. BLINK, for crying out loud!

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