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    The 16 Most Expensive Pieces Of Vintage Lisa Frank Merchandise Out There

    Yes, you may have once paid a fraction of the cost for these items, but if you shell out now, you can think of it as a wise, multi-colored investment.

    16. Pop-up folder with blank writing pad, $50

    15. Stationery box, $60

    14. Binder full of Lisa Frank sticker collection, $62.50

    Keep in mind you are buying someone else's sticker collection. It's not a Lisa Frank sticker book.

    13. Beach towel, $75

    12. Glitter alien binder, $75

    11. Stuffed puppy dog, $79.99

    10. Vintage Trapper Keeper with two folders, $120

    9. Lisa Frank Desk Set, $125

    8. Alien backpack, $148

    7. '90s rainbow cheetah backpack, $160

    6. Unicorn binder, $175

    5. '90s denim jacket, $175

    4. '90s alien plastic backpack, $200

    3. Unopened pack of twelve '80s stickers, $250.00

    2. One Lisa Frank top bedsheet and one standard pillowcase, $275

    1. Puppy backpack, $350

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