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    16 Signs That You Are Clarissa Darling

    This explains it all.

    1. You wore hipster glasses before they were cool.

    2. You find ways to subtly let people know that you're awesome — like, see how much you're into your local radio station?

    3. This is a basic breakdown of your brain.


    4. You really get along better with boys.

    5. You're really good at arguing.

    6. Cooking? Ain't no thang.

    7. Your battles with your siblings were epic.

    Stupid Ferg face.

    8. LOL, YOLO? Puh-lease. You make your own abbreviations.

    You are 100% hilarious.

    9. Obviously.

    10. You haaaaaate birthdays.

    C'mon. You got no time for this shit.

    11. You made some experimental decor choices that didn't always please your parents.

    And maybe you still do. Your mom just doesn't get you.

    12. You're a feminist.

    13. You may be a creative, but you also have a mathematical side to you. Especially when you can explain things in pretty charts and graphs.

    14. You have some childhood moments that you just can't explain.

    Or, explaining to others what your family is like... is just impossible.

    15. You definitely kick butt. Even if it's just in your imaginary, half-animated montage.

    16. But above all, your style is pimpin'.

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