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    15 Unforgivable Moments From The Late '90s/Early '00s Chinese Fashion Trend

    Oh God. Remember when you wore chopsticks in your hair and had those chunky Chinese Laundry shoes?

    1. When people wore chopsticks in their hair like Hilary Duff at the 2002 Kids' Choice Awards.

    2. When Mandarin went matchy-matchy (you could even have a matching handkerchief headband).

    3. The dragons that graced one too many a strapless dress. (And the chokers that were obligatorily worn with them.)

    4. When the Olsen girls started wearing these shiny dresses.

    5. Don't lie: You wore one of these Chinese takeout purses to your Spring Formal.

    6. When Destiny's Child dressed like this.

    7. The chunky shoes that lined the floor of your closet.

    8. When people got these Chinese calligraphy tattoos...but most of the time had no idea what the fuck they had just permanently written on their bodies.

    9. All the times Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy wore a dress like this. All the times Angel thought she looked hot in a dress like this.

    10. The Chinese Laundry ads you hung on your walls.

    11. Madonna! Nooo, not you too! (This is her in 1995 at the AMAs.)

    12. And Rachel Green? Wow, you're really going for it in this episode of "Friends" and it was already 2003...weren't people over this yet?

    13. AHHH;aljoweijfaowjeraj Claire Danes. Here's a reminder that the Mandarin-esque thing often came with spiky mini-bun hair.

    14. Oh, God. Remember these sheer, mesh tops just slathered in dragon graphics?

    15. And the unavoidable consequence of wearing one of these dresses, as demonstrated by Tea Leoni in 2001, was the crotch area wrinklefest that happened the moment you sat down.