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    15 Reasons You Miss "Entourage"

    Is it really possible to feel nostalgic for a show that ended only a few years ago? OH YEAH.

    1. The Ari-E relationship. Because you know they need each other to survive.

    2. Because now when you claim Viking Quest as your favorite TV show, you find only a few people appreciate this.

    3. Lloyd. Sweet, loving, loyal, sweater-vested Lloyd.

    4. How Johnny Drama was the gayest straight man you'd ever seen.

    5. You had an underlying feeling that Adrien Grenier was kind of playing himself. So basically, Entourage is real life.

    Except, OK, you knew that wasn't true. But you were still convinced that this was the most accurate portrayal of Hollywood...and it was hilarious.

    6. When is the last time you loved a TV character even though he was the worst, most annoying person in the world?

    Oh, Breaking Bad? Yeah. That.

    7. Turtle, who was weirdly relatable. I mean, if your best friend became famous, you'd probably end up being a Turtle. Which would rock.

    8. Medellin.

    9. Saigon.

    10. And this weird thing.

    11. You were constantly amused by Johnny Drama's wardrobe choices.

    12. The brilliant celebrity cameos that were as weird as Gary Busey...

    13. Or as huge as Kanye? See what I mean? This is totally real life.

    14. E and Sloan's long, drawn out relationship. And the sacrifices they made for each other.

    15. But really, you miss Entourage because this group of friends was endearing but also fuckin' hilarious. OH YEAH. OH YEAH.