15 Adorable Relics From The Olsen Twin Archive

Rare gems from the early years include revelations about Ashley’s pet hamster and how she’d wear it.

1. From a 1990 “TV Guide”: Is Michelle Tanner eating the fake snow?

3. Can someone fill out this form to see if we can still win those Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls? Kthanxbye.

4. Mary-Kate’s first crush in ‘92: a miniature horse named Four-by-Four.

5. Confirmed awesomeness: In ‘93, they tell “Disney Adventures” that their favorite show is “Salute Your Shorts.” Donkey Lips 4 lyfe.

6. Always pushing style boundaries, here the twins model an unconventional combo: pajamas and sneakers.

7. “Ashley Sez: We have a hamster named Cocoa, I put him on my head and walk around!”

8. From a young age, the girls began developing complex, multi-faceted personalities. They could be rough, hardened by a life of too much goodness.

9. Or they could be carefree and whimsical (and gracious for indulging tabloids in tacky photoshoots).

10. OMG, space camp?! So jealous.

11. Getting highlights at a fancy salon in 1997. What you wouldn’t have done to be in on this girls’ beauty day.

12. Wait, they don’t like Hanson, Leo, the Spice Girls? This has to be a mis-print.

13. Here’s that time they dressed like The Nanny for their 1998 calendar.

14. And the time they made this trend look so cute in their 1999 calendar.

15. But the best might be how they greeted Y2K: by posing on this very uncomfortable looking version of the number 2000.

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