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13 Ways To Turn Your Outdated '90s Tech Into Truly Usable Things

Floppy disks + succulents = worlds colliding.

1. Turn your old floppy disks into succulent planters.

2. Around the holidays, you can break up old CDs to make sparkly ornaments (or create a mobile of them for year-round decor).

3. Have you also spent the past few years trying to fill your old CD rack with something useful? Take it outside instead and create an herb garden planter.

4. Turn old CD cases into a mini greenhouse.

5. If you still have cassette tapes lying around, it's pretty easy to turn them into coin purses or wallets. And while this look screams DIY...

Just keep in mind, Chanel is totally into it.

6. You don't even have to waste the cassette's ribbon, which makes pretty poms for wrapping decorations.

7. Wow...this is actually pretty cool-looking — a clutch made from VHS cases.

8. An iMac monitor can become your cat's new house.

9. Floppy disks can also be turned into mini-notebooks.

10. Or lamps.

11. For the truly ambitious who still have a VHS player lying can apparently turn it into a toaster.

12. For the unambitious who still have a VHS player lying around...there's an Etsy store that upcycles them and turns them into very cool pet feeders.

13. And for the extraordinarily lazy, you could just do this. Thanks, '90s!