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    13 Things One Must Know About The Log Lady Of "Twin Peaks"

    It's possible she — or her log — knows the meaning of life.

    On the '90s murder mystery TV show, Twin Peaks, Log Lady went everywhere with her clairvoyant log...

    The log. It had answers. Together, they spoke the truth.

    1. The log has seen things.

    2. Well, if you want to know about those things, ask, damnit.

    3. But timing is everything.

    4. The log is equal opportunity.

    5. Log Lady likes food.

    6. Especially this kind of food.

    7. Um, does no one seem to get that the log has something to tell you?

    8. The Log Lady's questions are often unanswerable.

    9. The log is of legal drinking age. At least.

    10. Do not ask Log Lady to help you network. If you want to meet the log, the log has to want to meet you.

    11. She speaks the truth.

    12. She'll do the talking. You be quiet.

    13. This is just how Log Lady rolls.