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13 Things Of The Past And Their Modern Equivalents

Trapper Keepers were totally your iPads of the '80s.

1. Then: Trapper Keeper.

Now: iPad

2. Then: Scrapbooks

Now: Tumblr

3. Then: Cut out magazine pages

Now: Pinterest

4. Then: CD binder

Now: iTunes

5. Then: I-Zone Polaroid

Now: Instagram

6. Then: CD/record clubs

Now: Spotify

7. Then: Tamagotchi original

Now: Tamagotchi the app

8. Then: Blockbuster Video

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Now: Netflix

9. Then: Rolodex

Now: Facebook

10. Then: Coupons

Tim Boyle / Getty Images

Now: Groupon

11. Then: IRL gossip

Chaloner Woods / Getty

Now: Twitter

12. Then: Community bulletin boards

Now: Craigslist

13. Then: Know-it-all-dads

Now: Waze

This post inspired by this lovely tweet:

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