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    13 Things About Rainbow Brite That You'll Now Find Hilarious

    So many colors.

    1. She uses the power of the rainbow through her magical rainbow belt and "star sprinkles" and her mission is to "bring color and happiness to people everywhere."

    2. Starlite, Rainbow Brite's talking horse friend, is totally narcissistic.

    He introduces himself as "the magnificent horse, the glory of the galaxy" and also frequently describes himself using terms like wonderful, splendidly graceful, and the most magnificent. Dude. We get it.

    3. One of Rainbow Brite's friends is a furry character named "Twink."

    No comment.

    4. This kid is actually not so disturbed about looking like this.

    5. hosts a free email service!

    I recommend that you register, have cards made up with your new email, and hand them out to all the cute boys you meet.

    6. There was a character named "Murky Dismal." (He's a villain.)

    7. There was an episode called "Mom." This cracks me up and I have no clue why.

    8. There was also a live action special in 1986 called "Rainbow Brite's San Diego Zoo Adventure." Creeplarious.

    9. There was a Rainbow Brite cereal. With "natural" fruit flavors.

    10. Vintage Rainbow Brite diaper up for auction.

    11. Rainbow Brite ravers.

    12. RB's gang of friends are called the "Color Kids." One of them is named Red Butler. No relation to Rhett.

    13. There was also a character (a sort of rocket-powered horse) named "On-X." Which is quite probable. Because clearly all the Rainbow Brite characters are on ecstasy.

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