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    10 Weird Things You Probably Don't Know About "The Craft"

    Apparently, "professional Wicca consultant" is a job and other unexpected facts about the production of this '90s movie.


    Several odd and kind of creepy things disrupted the filming of this Invocation scene, in which the girls are using actual Wiccan invocations:

    - A flock of bats descended on the group, extinguishing the candles.

    - Several times while trying to begin the scene, waves suddenly rolled up the beach in full force.

    - In one take, when Nancy says, "Manon, fill me," the crew lost power.



    Director Andrew Fleming hired Wicca consultant Pat Devin — High Priestess of Covenant of the Goddess — to help with the project and she had considerable influence on shaping details of the narrative. Devin made sure the spells would be common enough that they could be found in basic books on Wicca, and she even wrote some of the chants, consulting with her two Covens (even got permission from one of the High Priestesses for one).



    Robin Tunney wore a wig during filming because she had just finished shooting Empire Records, for which she went bald.



    "Manon" — the name of the spirit/deity — is not an actual Wiccan deity although there are Gods with similar-sounding names. Devin thought it best to use a fictional name so as to avoid offending the Wiccan community and prevent fans of the film from re-creating the Invocation scene, which (depending on what you believe) could be dangerous. The name Manon was supposedly inspired by this 1988 French film, Manon of the Spring.



    There was talk of doing a straight-to-DVD sequel, but the project got nixed.



    The snakes you see in the climax scenes are real — all 3,000 of them used to create a sequence which is now so much more terrifying.



    Fairuza Balk — the actress who played mean and crazy Nancy — actually practices witchcraft (or at least she did around the time of production). Shortly after filming The Craft, she bought an occult shop. Since '96, Balk has been acting in indie movies, but is best known for her role in The Craft.



    This is not an actual book. The price quoted in the movie is $25.



    Rachel True — who played the role of Rochelle — had a super small part on an episode of Dawson's Creek in the 4th season. This was when Dawson was dating Gretchen and True played the role of "Keira," Gretchen's college friend.



    This creepy scene required two steps to produce. First, Nancy was wrapped in green screen material and bugs were filmed crawling over her face. Then, she was filmed without the bugs, which were digitally imposed onto her face.