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    10 Vintage Apple Ads That Were Probably Once Cool

    The Apple of the '80s and '90s is now kind of hilariously embarrassing.

    1. Apple. Listen. If you are going to link up with Pepperidge Farm to create an ad, do not feature this extremely messy and unpleasant situation. Two words: Mint Milanos.

    2. Can a computer be fun? This kid thinks so.

    This is so '90s, I can hardly take it.

    3. Oh, to be the model who got to portray Orville Wright in this ad.

    4. Ahh! This isn't creepy.

    5. Ben Franklin for Apple Computers.


    6. A computer nerd who is into dirt bikes and Motley Crue? I'm actually more confused by the kid who lives in this room. And wondering if he's single because clearly he is awesome.

    7. And don't forget Apple's promotional materials featuring people and products that are just so extremely cool.

    8. Except these people are even cooler because they're "bananas" about Apple! They even serve cheese on a logo cutting board.

    9. Wait. These people. By far the coolest.

    10. Although this rad "bike messenger/screenwriter" may give them all a run for their money. I mean, look at what he keeps on his PowerBook: "The first four pages of my new screenplay," "Thoughts on self-improvement," "My attempt at writing a rap song."