10 Unexpected Products By Twiggy

The iconic model made so much more than pretty pictures. Board games, cosmetics, paper dolls? Yes, please.

1. Milton Bradley Board Game, 1967

“A game that makes every girl like Twiggy, the queen of mod!” Players would roll the dice and advance to squares with instructions like “Pose for pictures at the airport—take 3 cards” or “Missed the jet to New York—put back 1 card.”

2. Twiggy Barbie Doll

3. Twiggy Lunchbox and Thermos, 1967

4. Twiggy Paper Doll Book, 1967

5. Twiggy Hosiery, 1967

These came in fun fishnet and lace varieties.

6. Twiggy Binder by Mattel, 1967

7. Twiggy Treasure Box, 1967

8. Twiggy Pen by Scripto, 1967

9. Twiggy Eye Kits by Yardley

You were able to get Twiggy’s signature look without guesswork thanks to false eyelashes and her eye paint duos. Re-release this, pretty please.

10. Twiggy Magazine, 1967

Is there anything cooler than having your own magazine? Not when you’re Twiggy, modess of awesome. Her one-time periodical featured great photography, insights on being a model, something called the “Pajama Game,” and her do’s (“Take your problems to your mum…”) and don’ts (“Let your clothes go to wreck and ruin…”).

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