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    10 Lovely Things About Lilly Pulitzer

    Lilly Pulitzer — designer of iconic '60s and '70s printed fashions — has passed away at 81.

    1. In 1950, Lilly (only 21 at the time) eloped with Peter Pulitzer (whose grandfather was responsible for establishing the Pulitzer Prize). They settled in Palm Beach, Florida.

    Diana Walker/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

    Above: A 1982 portrait of Lilly with her own fabric designs.

    2. Most know that Lilly was born into a society family, but further proof is that she had two sisters whose names were: Mimsy and Flossie. (Yes.)

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: Honeymoon style from 1968.

    3. Although the New York native was from a well-to-do family, she took up the fairly mundane task of running an orange juice stand. (Her husband, Peter, owned several orange groves.)

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: An ad from 1978.

    4. Lilly created her first design after needing something to wear to disguise the orange juice stains she'd inevitably get all over her clothes. She made a simple cotton dress with a bright pattern.

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: An ad from 1970.

    5. Soon, she began selling her designs at the juice stand and when her fashions outsold the juice, she expanded, establishing her line in 1959.

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: A 1976 catalog.

    6. Her dresses became known as the "Lillys."

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: A very early Lilly Pulitzer catalog page.

    7. Lilly had some rather iconic and famous fans including Jacqueline Kennedy and C.Z. Guest.

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: An ad from 1968.

    8. Things actually really took off when Jackie was photographed in one of Lilly's designs. It was made from kitchen curtain material.

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Above: 1977 catalog offerings.

    9. Lilly's label was very much a high society brand.

    Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    10. In fact, people called her The Queen of Prep.

    Diana Walker/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

    And they're unlikely to forget that.

    Above: Lilly at her first store.

    Info via, Wikipedia, and the New York Times.

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