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    Mar 11, 2013

    10 Free CDs You Got With Your Delia's Catalog

    Reason #457 why 1998 was the best year: Delia's started sending those free mix CDs, featuring emerging artists. (Most of whom were promptly forgotten.)

    1. The very first Delia's CD, "Super Girls," featured a mix of girl artists (who were presumably "super") made for girl shoppers (also presumably "super").

    Track Listing:

    1. "The World Is New" - Save Ferris

    2. "Believe" - K's Choice

    3. "Lights Are Changing" - Mary Lou Lord

    4. "Believer" - Chantal Kreviazuk

    5. "Sway" - Bic Runga

    6. "Country Livin' (The World I Know)" - Esthero

    7. "Legend Of A Cowgirl" - Imani Coppola

    8. "I&I" - Taja Sevelle

    2. Volume 2 was called "Super Smart." There is a girl wearing glasses on the cover which means listening to this CD made you an intellectual.

    Track Listing:

    1. "Club Montepulciano" - Hooverphonic

    2. "Snow On The Sahara" - Anggun

    3. "Young Again" - Josh Wink

    4. "Valley of Sound" - Heather Nova

    5. "Gaze" - Sweetback

    6. "A Day In The Life" - Sylk 130

    7. "Smuggleros Cove" - Tuatara

    8. "Sweet Lullaby" - Deep Forest

    3. Volume 3: "Super Cute." PUPPIES!

    "Super Cute" CD vol. 3 track listing

    4. "Super Party" was great for playing at sleepovers. Or at your 13th surprise birthday party.

    "Super Party" CD vol. 4 track listing

    5. "Super Cool" promised "no love songs whatsoever!" 'Cause boys: ewwwww.

    Track Listing:

    1. "Bad Girl" - DJ Rap

    2. "Crazy" - Afghan Whigs

    3. "You Don't Know Anything" - Ivy

    4. "Mentally Dull" - Vitro

    5. "Still Heart" - Cree Summer

    6. "Always" - The Mayfield Four

    7. "You Don't Own Me" - Rasputina

    8. "I Did" - Frogpond

    6. "Super Hot": The theme here is kind of unclear as you got a mix of alt-rock, female pop singers, indie sounds, and Spanish boy band music.

    "Super Hot" CD vol. 6 track listing


    7. Then Delia's tried a different theme starting with vol. 1, "In Your Head," presumably songs that "got you"?

    "In Your Head" CD vol. 1 track listing

    8. Volume 2 of this series: "In Your House," tracks for your next house party (that you thought you'd totally get away with).

    "In Your House" booklet art

    "In Your House" CD vol. 2 track listing

    9. In 2000, Delia's came out with this wintery compilation, "Ice Scream!"

    "Ice Scream" track listing

    10. This volume — "Change The Subject" — was also an "enhanced CD-ROM"? Awesome.

    Track Listing:

    1. "Best Friends" - Angela Via

    2. "Haunted" - Poe

    3. "Faith on the Table" - Martin Sexton

    4. "Favorite Things" - Beth Hart

    5. "Take The Rain Away" - Debelah Morgan

    6. "Gladys and Lucy" - Victoria Williams

    7. "Nevermind Her Hips" - Virginwool

    8. "Falling Up The Hill" - Yve Adam

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