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5 Spooky Stories About Lancashire

Happy Hollow-ween!

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1. The Woodlplumpton Witch


There’s a large boulder by the side of the path in the churchyard of St Anne’s in Woodplumpton, marking the grave of Meg Shelton.

Many in the local area and the Fylde accused Mag Shelton of being a witch.

She was notorious for stealing food from farmers by transforming herself or objects to trick the farmers. Eventually she was killed by a barrel that crushed her against a wall.

After her death, it is said she would dig her way out of her grave so eventually, they buried her head down with a rock placed on top of her grave so if she tried to escape again she could only dig her way down further into the earth...

2. The Pendle Witches


Pendle Hill in Lancashire is notorious for its history in witchcraft.

In 1612, there was reports of a family that lived in a limestone tower, these ‘peasants’ were said to have enormous powers and worship the devil. Twenty people went to trial in Lancaster on suspicion of such witchcraft, ten of whom were executed by hanging.

Life was very different 400 years ago and the evidence given at the trial was based on memories and superstition alone. Visitors are scared to this day of visiting the grounds and discussing the events that went on during this time. The witches are said to still haunt the villages and visitors have reported feeling unexplained anger when taking part in the tours.

The accused lived in the area surrounding Pendle Hill in Lancashire and are forever known as the Pendle Witches - whom's final resting places were never found.

3. The Bannister Doll


Dorothy, aka the ‘Bannister Doll’ is said to have been a very attractive woman that caught the eye of many men. Her father (and the Mayor of Preston) flew into a vicious rage when she fell pregnant as an unmarried woman, tied her to a stone and whipped her for bringing shame to the family.

She soon died from her injuries and was buried at the Holy Trinity Church in Preston, now Liberty Village Halls. It is said that her tormented spirit has never left and when a few men died in suspicious circumstances (including her father) soon after her passing, rumour spread.

New tenants moved into their home and fled after just two nights claiming the Bannister Doll taunted them, another family moved in and only lasted three nights.

A ghostly girl has been spotted floating up Snow Hill and is believed to still target men in revenge of her murder.

4. Samlesbury Hall


Samlesbury Hall is a beautiful stately home, a favourite for weddings and said to be one of the most haunted places in Britain! The Great Hall is said to be a haven for strange happenings - uneasy feelings, being hit in the head and shadows going past are amongst the happenings.

The two most notable ghosts are that of a Catholic priest who was beheaded in the building after being pulled out of hiding, truth be told that the bloodstain from the beheading could not be cleaned up, leading to the floor being replaced. Scarily, even that couldn't stop the priest’s blood from returning.

The second notable ghost is The White Lady, or Dorothy Southworth, who watched her brothers kill and bury her forbidden lover and is said to have been shipped to a convent and died of a broken heart and still stalks the halls and grounds to this day.

5. Hoghton Tower


Hoghton Tower has been named one of the most haunted places in Preston, even named one of the most haunted buildings in the entire UK! Known for its rich heritage of splendour and boasting famous guests such as King James I, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare in its heyday.

Fast-forward 400 years and the Grade I listed building is known for more than its lavish antiques and legendary guests, now a sight of eerie activities and ghoulish sightings that attract paranormal investigators and ghost hunters alike. Some of the well-known sightings include a Tudor woman, ghostly monk and the green lady, spotted by people taking part in tours of the house.

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