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Top 15 (false) Good Reasons To Be Single And Which Will Reassure You On Valentine's Day

All people say too often that man and woman only flourish in the life of a couple, but it sounds like an old legend. The advantages to being alone are limitless and that is why, as we approach Valentine's Day, I'll list the 15 completely objective reasons for which you'll be better alone on the evening of 14 February.

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1. You can drink all the stuff from the fridge directly from the bottle

Even the out of date milk.

Even the out of date milk.

2. You can watch porn in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom and even the 3 if you want


Avoid still the balcony

3. You can accomodate your drunk friends when you want / Via

But make sure your living room does not become a hotel room

4. You can lick the knife AND put it back in the jar of Nutella / Via

Hallelujah !

5. You can wait 3pm to wash your teeth without pressure / Via

A brush to do what ?

6. You can spend your entire weekend naked on your sofa while playing FIFA without hearing any comment. / Via

Be careful that your back doesn't stick to your sofa.

7. You do not feel guilty when you see all those hairs that grow / Via


8. You do not have to reassure your partner about his sexual ability


"2 minutes is good too, I prefer when it's short anyway"

9. You can cook something rotten without worrying about the result / Via

You can be satisfied with cookies and a hot chocolate as a meal.

10. You can take a lonnnnnnnnng bath


until your skin become all fripped

11. You don't have to systematically erase the history of your browser / Via

It is already quite painful to eliminate any trace of porn on your PC at work.

12. You can flirt with Michelle from accounting or the new hot boy from the marketing departement, without remorse

13. No one checks if you put the same slip two days in a row

Prince Shawn / Via

Think to change when the flies turn around you.

14. You sleep better, it's scientifically proven, sharing a bed isn't good for a restful sleep / Via

Except when your dog comes to lick your feet or other part of your body.

15. Anyway the only person you love unconditionally and forever is YOU / Via

Come on! make you kisses

So reassured?

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