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15 Ordinary Places Transformed By Stunning Street Art

No matter where you go, imagination can be found. You just have to open your eyes. #SeeGoodDaily with LensCrafters.

1. London, England

2. Berlin, Germany

3. Melbourne, Australia

4. Porto, Portugal

5. San Jose, California

6. Drogheda, Ireland

7. Bergen, Norway

8. Malmö, Sweden

9. Lugano, Switzerland

10. Calgary, Canada

11. Madrid, Spain

12. Monserrat, Buenos Aires

13. Brighton, England

14. Penang, Malaysia

15. Bristol, England

16. Vienna, Austria

There is art all around us, and, when you look closely, there may be more than meets the eye. #SeeGoodDaily and find the beauty in our world with LensCrafters daily disposable contacts.