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10 Inspiring Kids Who Are Making The World A Better Place

You're never too young to accomplish great things. No matter how old you are, choose to #SeeGoodDaily with LensCrafters daily disposable contact lenses.

1. This chef, who turned her passion into a product:

2. This visionary, who turned his love of toys into a tool for those who can't see:

3. This inventor, who is a shining light for innovation:

4. This persevering kid, who competes in triathlons for his brother, with his brother:

5. This entrepreneur, who proves that age is nothing more than a number:

6. This artist, who uses her talents to protect the animals she loves the most:

7. This surfer, who knows that kids can make a difference:

8. This granddaughter, who seized an opportunity to improve someone's life:

9. This good samaritan, who wanted to help homeless kids his age:

10. This gardener, who planted a seed and continues to feed the hungry:

Good deeds come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Get inspired by these young minds and #SeeGoodDaily with LensCrafters daily disposable contact lenses.