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12 Unofficial Holidays That Are Criminally Underappreciated

Move aside Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Thanksgiving. Meet the new holidays in town. All of the enjoyment, none of the symbolism. Do holiday your way with the Yoga 3 Pro 2 in 1 Laptop by Lenovo.

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1. Lick-the-Beater Season


It's that time of year when something is always baking. That means beaters, spoons, bowls, and spatulas need your immediate and full attention. Get cleaning, soldier, and happy holidays.

2. The Annual Family Pet Reunion


The magical day has finally come when you get to spend some much-deserved quality time with your favorite member of the family. It's hard to tell who's more excited: you or the dog.

3. Black Wednesday

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'Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all thro' the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a laptop's mouse;
Tomorrow would bring family, thanks, and food unburnt,
But tonight you're with HS friends getting a little turnt.

4. Thanksgiving II: The Leftovers / Via

The number of calories consumed goes up, the quality of table manners goes way down. And this is the beginning of a magical period that can be called...

5. Swimsuit Season Is Literally Nine Months Away So I Certainly Can't Be Held Accountable for My Choices Right Now


This unsung holiday is less of a "day" and more of a "spirit of the season," sort of like "Christmas Spirit" but sadder, more self-destructive, and also way, way more satisfying.

6. The 20 Days of Decoration


This seasonal event occurs from the moment the very first dreidel or ornament comes out of the box until the last light is flicked on or the star atop of the tree is set into place. It takes ages and proceeds slowly and haphazardly. Sometimes, the 20 Days of Decoration come to a close in the moments before your relatives arrive for the festivities.

7. Thankahmas


This holiday captures the middle period that's definitely after Thanksgiving and definitely before the end-of-year secular and religious holidays begin. It's when everyone on earth is just like "$@#% it, it's the holidays. Let's just call it a day."

8. The Week of Sloth / Via

Let's be quite honest: Your goal when you're home for the holidays is to eat as much as possible while streaming as much TV as possible while moving as little as possible. That is the holy trinity of The Week of Sloth. The 3-in-1.

9. Catch-up Coffee With That Person You Totally Had a Crush On in an Earlier Stage of Your Life


Finally, the busy school semester and the hectic work schedules have come to an end, everyone is back home for the holidays, but family time has yet to begin. This is your golden zone to make those casual plans with that friend-with-whom-you've-always-felt-a-romantic-connection-but-have-never-been-able-to-act-on-because-she-lives-in-Tuscaloosa.

10. Alone At Last

Risky Business / Warner Bros / Via

When your relatives finally clear out, and you can unbutton your pants and let loose and enjoy your gifts.

11. Christmás / Via

Christmás is the auxiliary Christmas that you have with the smaller part of your family, your spouse's family, or maybe the other parent if your parents are split. It's the day when you get to do everything over again. And get even more gifts. And give even more joy. And eat even more. EVEN MORE.

12. Return Everything Day

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Look, don't feel bad. The season is about giving joy to others, and that includes giving gifts that can be redeemed for cash or store credit. Because ultimately, it's been a long and hard holiday season. It's time you got what you really want.

Don't get too caught up in tradition. Celebrate the holidays you want to have this year with the Yoga 3 Pro 2 in 1 Laptop from Lenovo.

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