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10 Productivity Lifehacks That Will Help You Do More

Technology has made our lives infinitely easier, but there are still some tips and tricks to making the most out it. Give your productivity a boost with these tips. Inspired by the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga.

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6. Never wait on hold with customer service again with virtual queuing apps.

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Apps like Lucy Phone and Fast Customer eliminate frustrating wait times so you can keep working instead of listening to maddening hold music.

7. Use a time-boxing app to keep you on task and away form procrastinating.


The practice of time-boxing is a time management technique that involves scheduling tasks with specific start and finish times throughout the day.

9. Train your brain to do more by being smart with online brain games.

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Lumosity and Fitbrains offer a range of simple online exercises that are proven to train your brain to both retain information and think faster.