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    100 Things To Do This Summer When You're Bored And Broke

    It's a Hot Girl Summer (Broke Edition).

    1. Start & devour a new Netflix show

    Nickelodeon / Via

    2. Paint your nails

    Manny & Peddy, anyone?

    3. Read a book

    4. Or write your own book

    ABC / Via

    5. Create a YouTube video

    Lights, Camera, Action!

    6. Rearrange your room

    7. Put on a face mask, relax, and rewind

    8. Invite friends to a sleepover or have a slumber party at their place

    Twice / Via

    Mi casa es su casa.

    9. Volunteer

    10. Take a relaxing bath

    11. Try Practicing your makeup skills

    Giphy / Via

    12. Exercise

    Lizzo / Via

    13. Visit your local park

    14. Take a hike

    Adventure is out there!

    15. Play video games

    Have any old, dusty consoles you haven't touched in years? Time to bust them out!

    16. Or play some board games with family or friends


    *I can not be held responsible for what Monopoly may do to your relationships.

    17. Listen to a podcast

    Spotify and YouTube are great free options!

    18. Go to the library

    PBS / Via

    19. Clean out your closet

    Throw away the things that no longer serve you.

    20. Sell your old clothes

    Sell your unwanted items online or at your local consignment shops.

    21. DIY & Transform your old clothes

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    If you've got a pair of scissors then you're in business!

    22. Get a summer job

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    23. Cook up something delicious

    Studio Ghibli / Via

    24. If you have a car, you could clean it

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    25. Clean your parent's car

    For brownie points, of course

    26. Create crafts

    *Goes to YouTube for the 15th time today*

    27. Try selling your crafts

    28. Tutor someone for the summer

    29. Get tutored this summer

    Giphy / Via

    If you have ever been personally victimized by math, please raise your hand.

    30. Learn a different language

    31. Teach your pet(s) a new trick (or just spend time with them)

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    32. Test out a new hairstyle

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    33. Make a fort

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    34. Visit your local zoo

    35. Jam out to your favorite songs

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    36. Don't have Netflix or Hulu? Find any DVDs around your house and have a throwback movie night

    37. Look into potential colleges

    38. Work on your resume

    It may sound boring now, but it could come in handy in the future.

    39. Go thrift shopping

    40. Create a music playlist

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    41. Make a Scrapbook

    You can use photos, magazines, or newspapers! Get creative!

    42. Paint or draw a masterpiece

    Netflix / Via

    43. Ride a bike

    44. Take a short drive or road trip with friends

    MAGTICOM / Via

    45. Go camping

    Even if it's only in your backyard!

    46. Stay up and watch the sunrise

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    47. Lay out at night and count the stars

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    48. Journal or write a diary

    Dear Diary, it's me again...

    49. Practice your singing skills

    "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do"

    50. Or test out your acting skills

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    51. Join a club

    52. Go to a concert

    There tend to be cheap, local concerts or productions so check around!

    53. Go window shopping

    54. Have a photoshoot with friends or use your camera's timer

    NBC / Via

    55. Create a blog

    56. Go on a picnic

    57. Go through your childhood belongings and reminisce

    Feedsportal / Via

    58. Learn how to play a musical instrument

    59. Clean up around the house

    60. Go swimming

    61. Look through family albums with your family

    62. Learn how to sew or knit

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    63. Visit a museum

    64. Plan for the future

    College, trips, get-togethers, potential career paths?

    65. Start or work on a garden

    Fox / Via

    66. Lay in a hammock

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    67. Have a group chat session

    68. Organize your jewelry

    69. Write your own song

    70. Pick some flowers

    Nickelodeon / Via

    These flowers could be used as decoration or you could give them to a loved one!

    71. Play or practice a sport

    72. Check out social media

    73. Start a quote journal

    Keep track of your favorite quotes in a journal!

    74. Create a vision board

    75. Learn how to drive

    Sunrise / Via

    If you're old enough and haven't learned already

    76. Work on a science project

    Science projects don't have to be school related! Try making a mini volcano or neon slime.!

    77. Pull harmless pranks on people

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    78. Post harmless pranks on the internet

    79. Turn your yard into a DIY waterpark.

    All you truly need is a water hose, but water balloons and a slip n' slide would make a great addition.

    80. Pick up a new hobby

    There's baking, rock collecting, photography, reading, reviewing movies, couponing, etc. The possibilities are endless!

    81. Learn a cool trick

    ABC / Via

    Become a yo-yo master or learn to do magical illusions.

    82. Solve Riddles

    83. Do crossword puzzles or sudoku

    MTV / Via

    84. Play Minute To Win It games with friends

    85. Use Twitch to stream yourself playing games or showing off your talent

    86. Have a potluck with friends

    Everyone brings something; everyone has a good time!

    87. Take a self defense class

    CBC / Via

    Unable to take a class? Look up YouTube videos!

    88. Put together a puzzle

    89. Create a bucket list

    90. Go through your closet and try different items together to find outfits you like

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    91. Watch old sitcoms

    TV Land / Via

    92. Take a nap

    93. Visit family members

    You could start a zoom call, and have weekly or monthly meetings with them.

    94. Go to your favorite sites and add the things you like to your Wishlist

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    95. Go through old change and see if you have any valuable coins

    96. Take a walk or go for a run

    97. Create a TikTok Dance

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    98. Create Pinterest boards

    99. Bake something for yourself, friends, or family

    100. Read an article about 100 things to do when you're bored

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