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Of Friendship And The Self

If you're in your late 20's and you have done some actual growing up, you are likely in the pursuit of a better self, improving your life, your choices and definitely your circle. I say if you have done some growing up because we all know those around us who haven't as we know those who are brushing enlightenment. Lets take a look together to the wide range we meet along the way.

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The Self Rightous


Say hello to your friend that is an expert in whatever matter you're discussing. They have difficulty learning from you because you couldn't possibly know better, let alone changing their mind. They are constantly giving instructions they intend as advice and in the case you mention how something didn't workout for you it's clearly because you didn't consult them first. They often live an ok life with a default career and meet all of society's expectations by taking 0 risks. Obsessive planner

The Sunshine


This is the friend that brightens up your day in every encounter. Is the one you think of when you need a boost in your faith in humanity. A person that sees the best in everyone and almost like sorcery others are better around them. Their inner light is powerful enough to overcast lower energies when they join in like clouds dispersing away.

You know what they say "Treat others with high regards and they will rise to meet your expectations."

The Intellectual


This is the friend that actually knows everything and is not bluffing. You can discuss science, arts, politics and pop culture and learn something new every time. Is the one you know you will call when you get your turn in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and discussions can get passionate but rarely heated because they approach others from a psychological standpoint. Excellent with interpersonal relationships, often occupies a high position in their field. Occasional douge and cockery.

The Sociopath


Impulssive, inappropriate, often insensitive but hilarious and the one to say what we're all thinking that shouldn't be verbalized. Manipulative, daredevil. Their way or the highway. They are a blast but only once in a while otherwise you will be arrested together.

The Contradictory


This is your friend who is very vocal about how they don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks or say about them but will constantly claim to know what others are doing wrong and what they should do instead. They will be angry when others don't follow their advice and will flip like a flapjack as soon as any body makes a remark about their choices.

The Chiller


The one friend that can't be bothered. Most people you know know them because their a hit at every event due to their ability for smooth interacting. You can debate with this person about subjects in which you both differ and it never grows into an argument because they can't be dragged into one. They don't run away from low vibes because they're immune.

The Tough Lover


This friend claims to do everything they do because they want the best for you without acknowledging that they are one of the main causes of your unhappiness. They constantly criticize everything from you clothes, to your shape, your diet and your love interests with the apparent intention of helping you improve your life but truth being told your life would be better if they set some boundaries and just cease getting in all of your business.

The Narcissistic Victim


This is the one friend that has a long history of fucking up and horrible judgement, yet, no matter what, it's all because they are such a big deal nobody wants to see them do good. They will constantly blame mysterious enemies for their downfalls and will relish in anyone commenting on them as jealousy and envy. They fuel their self worth in whatever attention they can get and will go to great extents to get some, just to later claim is others obsessing about them.

The Thriver

This is your Instagram goals. Manages somehow to travel all the time, is invited to everything, fit, eats magnificent food, is always happy and knows amazing people. You guys get along wonderfully but even though they always tell you to meet and catch up it never happens. It's not clear their source of such life but it doesn't matter because you live through them.

Here we have some prime examples of friends we love and lost many of them being a combination of various, but what is more important is to be honest with ourselves and be able to spot which of those are we.

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