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    17 Christmas Trees That Are Way Better Than Yours

    Q: How much glitter is too much glitter? A: The limit does not exist.

    1. This blush and white gorgeousness.

    2. This snowflake adorned creation.

    3. So. Much. Silver.


    4. This minimalist's dream.

    5. Nothing but metallics.

    6. Two words: Rainbow ombre.


    7. Traditional, but better.

    8. This bronzed beauty.

    9. OMG pastels!

    10. This fluffy white creation.

    11. Rustic, but refined.

    12. Never enough red and gold.

    13. So elfing good.

    14. Berry amazing!

    15. This ultra-chic BLACK tree.

    16. Go for gold!

    17. This blue Christmas.

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