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Love At First Sight: The Reality Of Snow And College

This list shows the different reactions that most college kids have when they first experience snow and have to figure out how they are going to survive. Whether it is going to class, getting food, or just trying to get somewhere without falling. (as told by gifs of dogs because dogs are the best thing.)

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When you start to see the snow falling before you go to sleep...


The first snowfall is always the most exciting for everyone because it means that it is finally winter and we might get snow days... but don't count on it.

When you wake up and see the snow actually stuck...


YES! The snow stuck and now there are piles of snow everywhere.

BUT then you remember that you have to walk to your classes in the snow or wait for the bus that is probably already full...


NO! When you wish that your classes were cancelled but sadly they weren't and you just want to STAY IN BED! Also waiting for the bus is the worst because there might be a bus coming but that doesn't mean there is room in it.

When you try to go outside but end up in knee deep snow and just want to give up and not go to class at all...


Making it out of your dorm might be one of the hardest things that you will do in your day because sometimes the groundskeepers aren't able to clear the sidewalk so you are slipping and sliding just trying to get to class OR you are just accident prone and end up falling every time you leave.

Then you finally get out of class and want to play in the snow BUT the classes that were cancelled gave you a ton of homework and you feel like you should finish it before going outside...


You might be luck enough to get a class cancelled because a professor was sick or they just didn't want to have class but you will probably end up with even more homework and you kind of wish that you just had class instead of this extra homework piled on top of what you already have to do.

But in reality, you take a break from your homework and call up some friends to go play in the snow because it might not last that long...


When there is snow you can't just stay inside and do homework all day and you have to take a break some time so why not go outside and play in the snow??

FOOD! Trying to get food becomes a mission unless you are already out but forget it if you are in your room...


It seems like whenever you want to get food the storm wants to get worse or the wind just makes walking outside dreadful.

But even with all of this... IT IS SNOW! we all have to go through it so we should just make the most of it while we still have it.


Even though we are all thinking, "when will this be over?" and "why do all of my classes seem so far now?" the snow only lasts so long and we just have to make the best of it while we can.

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