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13 Things LEGO Bricks Taught Us About Life

We may be grown-up now, but there's no denying that growing up with LEGO® had a good influence on us. Fill the kids' Easter baskets with LEGO bricks and share the gift of creativity.

1. A colorful world is a happy world.

2. We are our own tastemakers.

3. There's no wrong way to play.

4. And friends come in all shapes and sizes.

5. Improvisation is brilliance.

6. Patience pays off.

7. "Genius" is built, not born.

8. Everything once started as an idea.

9. And taking things apart lets you understand the big picture.

10. Life isn't perfect all of the time.

11. Sometimes things just don't fit as well as we want them to.

12. But it's important to pick up the pieces.

13. Because the possibilities for greatness are endless.

This Easter, build a better basket (without breaking the bank) with LEGO bricks.