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People Tell Us What They'd Do If They Owned The Batmobile™ IRL

Like the saying goes, "Always be yourself...unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman." Get your own LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile™ today!

1. "I would first and foremost share a photo on my social media to make all my fans very jealous of my new life in the fast lane." —Tara P.

2. "I'd program the Batmobile™ to save me a ton of time by ejecting fully set-up strollers for my kids. Oh, and you can program how many strollers it ejects! One for each kid!" —Andrew T.

3. "I would drive for a ride-share service, but I would use the Batmobile's™ auto-drive function so that ... the car [could] be earning money while I'm at work also earning money." —Matt W.

4. "I would begin my hero's journey to find Batman. Where did he go? Why did he give me the Batmobile™? Is he in trouble? Is there some prophecy I'm not aware of?" —Caitlin C.

5. "I'd always take the Batmobile™ through the drive-thru when I picked up food. There's no way they're gonna screw up Batman's combo meal order." —Eric S.

6. "I would definitely have to crash through some walls or cause some explosions to drive through just so I could look cool." —Justin T.

7. "I would leave NYC, drive out to Wyoming where my brother and his family live, and take my niece and nephews on an epic road trip they'd never forget!" —Casey C.

8. "I would give up my apartment and sleep in the Batmobile™ because it probably has amazing gadgets to help me sleep, and I would save a ton on rent." —Jo S.

9. "Use Bat Sonar to back into tricky parking spots, clearly." —Mandy C.

10. "I would go around solving crimes, but I'm not qualified to solve big scary crimes. So I'd just call people out for 'minor offenses' like socks with sandals." —Alison P.

11. "I would start a moving service. I assume the Batmobile™ has a function that would make it able to take everything in one trip. I also assume that it could do all the work so that I could sit back and drink champagne." —Ayla S.

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